If you are looking for the perfect palette to decorate Thanksgiving festivities, search no more! We have put up the perfect combination of beige and orange shades for an elegant and warm piece of decor.

Using our paper lanterns in Coral Lipstick, Clementine, Iced Melon, Sunset and Eyelet Retro Chic colors, and combining them with Café au Lait paper pompoms, you can create a beautiful cluster to hang over your party table or a dessert buffet (if you’re looking for hanging ideas, check out this page of our e-store).

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original paper Valentine's decor

February means LOVE AMOUR AMOR. So we’ve created a very special Valentine’s decor using red and pink paper lanterns and pompoms to create a super pretty party wall. Very easy to design, it would also be great as a party backdrop or over a bridal or baby shower buffet. Pair this with a rose gold LOVE balloon and everybody will want to say “I love you!”.

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original paper Valentine's decor original paper Valentine's decororiginal paper Valentine's decororiginal paper Valentine's decor paper lanterns backdrop

Valentine's party decor Valentine's party decor     Valentine's party decor Valentine's party decor    Valentine's party decorValentine's party decor with paper lanterns and balloons

This is what you need to design the paper lanterns “wall”

– 1 piece of white cardboard size 30”x 43” – you can go for a smaller piece and adjust the number of lanterns accordingly.

– tape (washi tape will be also fine if you create your décor just a couple of hours ahead – for a long lasting piece, it’s better to use regular tape), string to hang the paper lanterns and accordion paper lanterns (for pompoms and honeycomb balls you can use their included string)

– 3 honeycomb balls 5’’
– 3 honeycomb balls 8’’
– 12 paper pompoms 10’’
– 8 accordion paper lanterns 8’’
– 6 paper lanterns 6’’

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Tape each lantern and pom all around the frame,  hiding as much white as possible. Then fill in the inside of the frame making sure lanterns and pompoms are really tightly arranged so that they cover the whole space.

valentine's party decor DIY


There’s something special about classic deco vibes during the Holidays. They remind us our childhood and immediately bring happiness to our home. For this winter table, we played super simple and just added a touch of green and bright red. And with just a few lanterns, grouped together over the table, the atmosphere is complete.

We used from the boutique 3 Silver Star paper lanterns (14”), 3 White Eyelet paper lanterns (14”), 2 Sweetheart Red paper lanterns (6”) for the grouping and 1 Red honeycomb ball (5”) on the table.







Colorful backdrop for kids birthday party

Ok now that’s one of our absolutely favorite decorations for a kids birthday party.
Such a cute backdrop made of paper lanterns and pompoms and hung on the wall like a big colorful cloud. A dream to add some WOW to any event, from a baby shower to a bridal party.


colorful party backdrop colorful party backdrop

colorful party backdrop

If you want to do the same set up, these are the lanterns used that you can find in our store 

  • 2 accordion lanterns – 11.5” –blush
  • 2 accordion lanterns- 8” – blush
  • 2 accordion lanterns – 11.5” – electric pink
  • 2 accordion lanterns – 8”– electric pink
  • 3 accordion lanterns – 8” – ice cube
  • 2 accordion lanterns – 11.5” – ice cube
  • 3 accordion lanterns – 8” – new yellow
  • 2 accordion lanterns – 11.5” – new yellow
  • 2 paper lanterns – 6” – bora blue
  • 2 paper lanterns – 8” – bora blue
  • 3 honeycomb balls – 8” – super pink
  • 2 honeycomb balls – 5” – oh yellow
  • 1 paper lanterns – 6” – hello sunshine
  • 1 paper tissue pompom – 16” – fuchsia ohlala
  • 1 paper tissue pompom – 10” – fuchsia ohlala
  • 1 paper tissue pompom – 16” – buttercup
  • 1 chevron paper lantern – 14” – blush

And there are many more paper lanterns for your kids birthday party in our store www.under-the-paper-lantern.com

nursery paper lanterns

If you’re looking for a cute gift for a baby shower or a new mom, search no more! Our new paper lanterns kit « Louise » is the perfect present to decorate a nursery at a very sweet price…

With subtle shades of light pink and white, these lanterns will add a romantic and modern twist to any kids’ room décor.

nursery paper lanterns

nursery paper lanterns

Each kit includes 7 lanterns and pompoms, as well as everything you need for hanging: hook, nail and string.

And here are some easy tips for creating a beautiful grouping of lanterns on the wall.

This is one of the many ways you can hang the lanterns, the possibilities are endless!

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valentine's sweet table decorated with paper lanterns and pompoms(C) www.momtrends.com

Ok, here’s some serious love declaration. And it’s all made of sweet things and paper lanterns, so we have a soft spot for it. The great team of  Mom Trends put up this gorgeous Valentine buffet decorations, with lots of cute details.

The red, white and pink paper lanterns, pompoms, honeycomb balls are just perfect, grouped together and hung on the wall. Our LOVE silver oversized balloons are the perfect final touch for this amazing decor.

Copy and paste this decoration with love and you’ll make hearts beat faster, for SURE!

There is a cute making of video on the Mom Trends blog, go check it out!

This is the list of lanterns used for this decor.
Sweet table with the blue backdrop:

  • eyelet paper lantern – 8” – white
  • accordion lanterns – 8” – blush
  • accordion lanterns – 8” – raspberry jam
  • accordion lanterns – 11.5 – blush
  • accordion lanterns – 11.5 – raspberry jam
  • paper pompoms 16” – vintage rose
  • honeycomb diamonds – 12” – white

Sweet table with the white backdrop

  • 5” honeycomb balls – red
  • 21” honeycomb fans –  red
  • paper pompoms  – 16” – vintage rose
  • paper pompoms – 10” – vintage rose
  • accordion lanterns – 8” – blush
  • accordion lanterns – 8” raspberry jam
  • accordion laterns – 11.5 – blush
  • eyelet paper lantern – 14” – white
  • eyelet paper – 8” – white
  • Silver LOVE Oversized Balloons Kit

valentine's sweet table decorated with paper lanterns and pompoms

valentine's sweet table decorated with paper lanterns and pompoms valentine's sweet table decorated with paper lanterns and pompoms valentine's sweet table decorated with paper lanterns and pompoms valentine's sweet table decorated with paper lanterns and pompoms  valentine's sweet table decorated with paper lanterns and pompoms

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We are basically in love with these two colors in the shop right now. The copper/bronze paired with the deep, rich teal are just so satisfying.



These would look so cute with other woodland creatures gracing your dinner table.

We used accordion paper lanterns in smart green and marron glacé colors for this decor.

To make this cluster you just need some twine and 20 minutes of your own time. Seriously. We love pairing this cluster with the natural feel of the wood trees and reindeer. ‘Tis the season for the reason to decorate (like what we did there?). We are basically party nerds. Which is the best kind of nerd.

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Sometimes, you just have to get girlie! This combination is the perfect combination of soft pastels, really romantic with the very best shabby chic vibe.
Use this combination for a winter baby shower or as a super special and different gift for your friend who is expecting!

Seriously? A nail or sticky hook, some twine and 20 minutes to decorate a nursery? Who wouldnt love that?

And you’ll get some help hanging these babies up on this page >>>

These are the products you need to shop to recreate this girl’s nursery easy look:

2 accordions paper lanterns 8” in vintage rose

1 accordion paper lantern 11.5” in white

2 paper pompoms 10” in vintage rose

1 paper lantern 6” in vintage rose

1 eyelet paper lantern 14” in white

Looking for the perfect way to decorate your home for the holidays? Ditch the tinsel (never the glitter) and hang these pretties from above.




Take them down, leave them up, bring them back to celebrate the first hints of spring. It’s gonna be a long winter.


Just letting you all see what is possible with our paper products. We LOVE how lush this decor is! To recreate this installation you need a little extra leg work…but that’s what your bridal party is for, are we right?



To build this the easiest way to go about it is to use a really strong string or fishing line (we prefer clear fishing line), tie the strings to as many anchors as possible to support the weight. Make sure the string is pulled super tight to avoid sagging. You can also create extra support by weaving a loose net of the lines/thread under the cluster. The color of the lanterns will distract from the lines, trust us.

Make sure to visit our shop and create your own bunch that is just perfect for your special day. And of course we are always here to help!