Just letting you all see what is possible with our paper products. We LOVE how lush this decor is! To recreate this installation you need a little extra leg work…but that’s what your bridal party is for, are we right?



To build this the easiest way to go about it is to use a really strong string or fishing line (we prefer clear fishing line), tie the strings to as many anchors as possible to support the weight. Make sure the string is pulled super tight to avoid sagging. You can also create extra support by weaving a loose net of the lines/thread under the cluster. The color of the lanterns will distract from the lines, trust us.

Make sure to visit our shop and create your own bunch that is just perfect for your special day. And of course we are always here to help!

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We love this string of color up above for this wedding! To create this look you can string a very fine twine along the center fold of the tent, mix and match color forms that suit your wedding best (remember you can always ask our advice). Each piece has a small hook for paper lanterns or a small string attaching the accordion lantern, honeycomb ball and paper fan. That way its super easy to hang from them from the central twine.


You can even get a bunch of paper fans to hang behind your buffet table or even use it for your photobooth.


Photography by La Boheme Photographie

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Apologies in advance for over posting photos from this amazing wedding that we were actually invited to. Seriously, we sobbed into the hems of our dresses as we watched this incredibly sweet and tender wedding unfold.
We were so happy to be a part of it all with our pretty paper lanterns.


When the groom read his vows to his step daughter we just about lost it. Well, we did lose it.


Sweetest summer couple ever. For sure.


These gorgeous photos were taken by Sara Parsons. The wedding took place on San Juan Island in Washington state. Seriously worth a visit.

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One of our favorite things about our product is that you can use a small number of pieces or a large selection and create something beautiful and surprising every single time. One of the major reasons why these grouping always look so great is that Alix curate the colors so carefully every season and even offers a personal touch by helping you assemble the perfect palate. Sometimes you guys really impress us with your own choices and we love to share the photos! Hint hint, SEND US YOUR PHOTOS and TAG US #underthepaperlantern. Pretty please with a lantern on top! Please still love us even though we make terrible jokes! We just can’t stop ourselves.

sous-le-lampion-mariage-co-4 sous-le-lampion-mariage-co-2

With at all that being said, we LOVE just love what Coralie did with these little groups againt the stark white of the wedding tent. She made sure to place a little fun above but let the tables be the focal point for the reception.



For more information about colors please visit our store or ask us a question if you dont see it in our FAQs!

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Thank you to Anne-Laure who’s sharing with us some pictures of her super cute baby Anna’s nursery!

This is a perfect cluster for a baby girl sweet bedroom. Want to do the same ? here’s what you need:

– 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – silver grey

– 1 accordion lantern- 30cm -white

– 1 paper lantern – baby – vintage rose

– 1 paper lantern – baby- grey cumulus

– 1 paper lantern – baby- white

– 1 star lantern vintage rose

Shop our paper lantern boutique to get this look!






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We love this tangy take on the a turquoise pieces from our store. The chevron beneath the blue sky cake is just perfect.

Happy Birthday Hadrien!

Shop for similar birthday paper lanterns in out store !

sous-le-lampion-hadrien-2sous-le-lampion-hadrien-4 sous-le-lampion-hadrien-3

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This is totally our new favorite. Look at all of those lanterns in a big lush row. Tight groups of lanterns, with the perfect mix and match of forms and colors carefully chosen and assembled. Well worth it. We also love the trend of pairing the pop of our curated colors with the stark white and organic wood.



Want this same look? It can be yours, make sure to check it all our wedding paper lanterns in our shop!

Need help? We are more than happy to talk to you! Contact us here, we are nice, pinky swear.

Do not forget our LOVE balloons kit to hang on the wall. These are great for a photobooth, a greeting at the door, so much (LOVE)!

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We call this look boho baby. We love the point of interest April’s mom created by the changing table with our warm beautiful lanterns. Check out the light on the walls shining through the lace on the walls.


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We love this combination of shapes for little Solal’s 6th birthday party. One of the best things about our lanterns is that you can reuse them over and over, and even add in new elements to change the tone entirely. We just love these bright little spots you are all creating with our product!



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Louise’s bedroom is so cute we can barely handle it. See that adorable side table made from a suitcase? That wallpaper? So much goodness……and we want to borrow that hat.

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