Under the Paper Lantern  is all about pretty colors, modern design and the pursuit of happiness. Whether you’re hunting for décor for a special room or looking for a way to kick your party style up a notch, we’ve got an easy and affordable way to do it. Weddings, baby showers, and other celebrations – our lanterns will be the cherry on top of your sundae.

All of our lanterns are designed by Parisian-born Alix Abelé (mother of little Harold, Charles, and baby girl Félicie – paper lanterns fans) long-time wedding blogger and color addict.  Every season she pores over the latest trends to make sure that her decorations are hip and fresh.

On our Blog you will find a weekly dose of  inspiring décors and gorgeous colors… We also share everything party and lifestyle we have a crush on ! And by the way, we would love to receive pictures of what you’ve done with our lanterns  Email us here !

Happy reading  !