We love this string of color up above for this wedding! To create this look you can string a very fine twine along the center fold of the tent, mix and match color forms that suit your wedding best (remember you can always ask our advice). Each piece has a small hook for paper lanterns or a small string attaching the accordion lantern, honeycomb ball and paper fan. That way its super easy to hang from them from the central twine.


You can even get a bunch of paper fans to hang behind your buffet table or even use it for your photobooth.


Photography by La Boheme Photographie

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Apologies in advance for over posting photos from this amazing wedding that we were actually invited to. Seriously, we sobbed into the hems of our dresses as we watched this incredibly sweet and tender wedding unfold.
We were so happy to be a part of it all with our pretty paper lanterns.


When the groom read his vows to his step daughter we just about lost it. Well, we did lose it.


Sweetest summer couple ever. For sure.


These gorgeous photos were taken by Sara Parsons. The wedding took place on San Juan Island in Washington state. Seriously worth a visit.

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Posting white after Labor Day?! What can we say — we are trendsetters. We can not help ourselves with these photos!

A special thanks to Laura for sending these photos in. We love how modern and crisp our white lanterns are against the perfect blue sky. The illusion of a ceiling while still outside, perfection. The contrast of the wood benches and greenery below, clever. LOVE. All the heart eyes. All of them.

These are our basic (and amazing) paper lanterns , the best way to hang them is with fishing line or wire. More info here.

Did you know that you can shop by color or events, like weddings? You didnt know that? Clearly you need to go shopping and get to know us better.

Still have questions? We love them. Email away!

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Hey it’s me again, Sara. I thought we might share the rest of our trip to L.A and a few more spots we stopped at along the way. On our way to Venice we stopped to see Victoria’s newish house, which was super cute and had the sweetest dog that did not want to sit still for a photo.


Next up, it was time to sweat more. We ran all around downtown LA and other places (LA you are SO BIG). Ohhhh the traffic on the way to Venice! Rosie had me listen to A LOT of Nick Jonas in that traffic.

Alix for sure wanted us to stop by and deliver a special package to one of her childhood friends from France Fire and Creme.


We walked over to the cutest little paper store you have ever seen and were greeted by Audrey who loved her special delivery.



Then of course, this little girl was off the clock after many deliveries and packing all the paper lanterns boxes the night before.





Our paper lanterns are great as a fun gift to your family and friends!

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What a lovely decor for baby Lola’s nursery! Nothing beats the combination of a graphic wallpaper and a colorful cluster of lanterns. The result is brilliant!

To do this cluster, use the following items:

– Honeycomb ball – 30 cm – frosted mint
– Accordion lantern – 20cm – vintage rose
– Paperfan – 45cm – frosted mint
– Pompom- 40 cm – white
– Paper lantern – 15cm – Rose blush
– Paper lantern – 15cm – watercolor green
– Accordion lantern – 30cm – Rose blush

Shop our wedding lanterns in our store !  

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One of our favorite things about our product is that you can use a small number of pieces or a large selection and create something beautiful and surprising every single time. One of the major reasons why these grouping always look so great is that Alix curate the colors so carefully every season and even offers a personal touch by helping you assemble the perfect palate. Sometimes you guys really impress us with your own choices and we love to share the photos! Hint hint, SEND US YOUR PHOTOS and TAG US #underthepaperlantern. Pretty please with a lantern on top! Please still love us even though we make terrible jokes! We just can’t stop ourselves.

sous-le-lampion-mariage-co-4 sous-le-lampion-mariage-co-2

With at all that being said, we LOVE just love what Coralie did with these little groups againt the stark white of the wedding tent. She made sure to place a little fun above but let the tables be the focal point for the reception.



For more information about colors please visit our store or ask us a question if you dont see it in our FAQs!

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The Maison POIRAY recently opened a boutique dedicated to brides and grooms. With a boudoir layered in pastel shades it was the perfect– ahem –marriage to our accordion lanterns, paper fans and pom poms in this gorgeous soft palate. Match made in heaven.



For more information about the pieces that made this collection really work, contact us! We would LOVE to create a custom palate for you.


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We had the greatest opportunity to gift some of our favorite people in the whole world with some of our cutest paper lanterns. Together with the amazing Sara Jensen we came up with a super fun press kit to have delivered to some very special designers and other “business ladies”. Instead of just shipping these boxes of fun supplies we thought why not hand deliver them by the Rose and Henri, Sara’s adorable children?

We teamed up with the super talented Bonnie Tsang in Los Angeles as Rose helped assemble and hand deliver these amazing boxes to some equally amazing women like Joy.




Clearly Joy was super bummed to meet Rose. Rose looked around Joy’s studio and whispered “business ladies have a lot of sprinkles!”.



Then Joy gave Rose some cookies, so now she’s under the impression that business ladies have sprinkles, eat cookies and get to throw party supplies around the office. And Jen Gotch was equally amazing, as we visited the ultimate party town headquarters of




So empowering for little Rose (and us!!) to see all of these women making their own way, doing it well and still having some fun.




A big thank you to Joy and Jen!

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We could not resist this sweet little kitten party that Lila chose to celebrate her 8 great years on the planet! We are swooning over this perfect color combination, not too girlie and just right.


How perfectly the bright summer sun shines through the large windows casting a soft glow.

8great-4Really, what is a kitten party without a little face paint? We mean, really, who doesn’t look cute with whiskers?

8great-1We also just love these photos by Sara Parsons

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We’re giving away a $150 voucher ! Try your luck, it’s super easy.
1) Follow us on Facebook
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You can double your chance to win by following us on our Instagram account @underthepaperlantern

The winner will be announced here on June 29th! Yay!

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