We love this string of color up above for this wedding! To create this look you can string a very fine twine along the center fold of the tent, mix and match color forms that suit your wedding best (remember you can always ask our advice). Each piece has a small hook for paper lanterns or a small string attaching the accordion lantern, honeycomb ball and paper fan. That way its super easy to hang from them from the central twine.


You can even get a bunch of paper fans to hang behind your buffet table or even use it for your photobooth.


Photography by La Boheme Photographie

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C) Under the Paper Lantern

It is amazing what you can do with just a few pops of color and the contrast of fun shapes. Here we have a few paper fans (velvety grey, super pink and powder pink shades), accordion paper lanterns (blush), some honeycomb balls (here is frosted mint, oh yellow,  and super pink), and a garland fan (frosted mint), you can create this super fun backdrop. You can use the backdrop for a photo booth, to really make your “I dos” POP or any other fun occasion. Heck, leave it up as decoration afterwards!

We like to use double sided tape and pins for hanging. Easy to put up on the wall and even easier coming down.

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Is that even possible? We think so! Its amazing what color can do. We think adding a little cake and party hats will go just fine with our decorations. What do you think?1
(C) Winter Birds Photography

Today is all about happy and zesty colors, for a delicious and joyful party! A sugary birthday bash, fun and creative, put together by the great Virginie ( 1,2,3, nous irons design event).

We love the throwback to the paper garlands like we made when we were kids. Plus, if you set your kids up at the table with them they can make them and keep busy while you hang the lanterns

We are fond of the paper garlands, like the ones from our childhood, hanging from the paper lanterns…

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Scenography: 1, 2, 3, nous irons
Photography: Winter Birds Photography
Stylism: Mariana, les petites écharpes
Make up: Johan Yvon Make Up
Baked goods: Pâtisserie Chérie
Hair style: Aurélie Macé
Venue: Château La Ferrade
Model: Pauline


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OMG, are you ready for something so beautiful, so crazy, so sweet and so full of lanterns you want to cry? Happy cry, happy cry.

Who do we thank for this dream? Amélia and Paul, the two genius masters of Paris-pased Nymphea’s Factory, who design, bake, cook, and set up the most amazing sweet tables and buffet you have ever seen, the most charming parties ever. We want to go to this party!

This sweet Easter table is beyond perfect. We are amazed by how creative and talented these two are.

You can find all the products used for this crazy installment in our boutique !










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Stop it. The contrast of the rustic barn with the pops of color is almost too much for us! There is no better way to set the tone for a fun event than to hang these lovely lanterns above everyone’s heads. We are in love. A few fishing strings and paper lanterns in shades bora blue, blush and coral lipstick, and voilà!

All products are available in our boutique 







2  5



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