original paper Valentine's decor

February means LOVE AMOUR AMOR. So we’ve created a very special Valentine’s decor using red and pink paper lanterns and pompoms to create a super pretty party wall. Very easy to design, it would also be great as a party backdrop or over a bridal or baby shower buffet. Pair this with a rose gold LOVE balloon and everybody will want to say “I love you!”.

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original paper Valentine's decor original paper Valentine's decororiginal paper Valentine's decororiginal paper Valentine's decor paper lanterns backdrop

Valentine's party decor Valentine's party decor     Valentine's party decor Valentine's party decor    Valentine's party decorValentine's party decor with paper lanterns and balloons

This is what you need to design the paper lanterns “wall”

– 1 piece of white cardboard size 30”x 43” – you can go for a smaller piece and adjust the number of lanterns accordingly.

– tape (washi tape will be also fine if you create your décor just a couple of hours ahead – for a long lasting piece, it’s better to use regular tape), string to hang the paper lanterns and accordion paper lanterns (for pompoms and honeycomb balls you can use their included string)

– 3 honeycomb balls 12cm/ 5’’
– 3 honeycomb balls 20cm / 8’’
– 12 paper pompoms 25cm / 10’’
– 8 accordion paper lanterns  20cm /8’’
– 6 paper lanterns 15cm / 6’’

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Tape each lantern and pom all around the frame,  hiding as much white as possible. Then fill in the inside of the frame making sure lanterns and pompoms are really tightly arranged so that they cover the whole space.

valentine's party decor DIY



What a lovely decor for baby Lola’s nursery! Nothing beats the combination of a graphic wallpaper and a colorful cluster of lanterns. The result is brilliant!

To do this cluster, use the following items:

– Honeycomb ball – 30 cm – frosted mint
– Accordion lantern – 20cm – vintage rose
– Paperfan – 45cm – frosted mint
– Pompom- 40 cm – white
– Paper lantern – 15cm – Rose blush
– Paper lantern – 15cm – watercolor green
– Accordion lantern – 30cm – Rose blush

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One of our favorite things about our product is that you can use a small number of pieces or a large selection and create something beautiful and surprising every single time. One of the major reasons why these grouping always look so great is that Alix curate the colors so carefully every season and even offers a personal touch by helping you assemble the perfect palate. Sometimes you guys really impress us with your own choices and we love to share the photos! Hint hint, SEND US YOUR PHOTOS and TAG US #underthepaperlantern. Pretty please with a lantern on top! Please still love us even though we make terrible jokes! We just can’t stop ourselves.

sous-le-lampion-mariage-co-4 sous-le-lampion-mariage-co-2

With at all that being said, we LOVE just love what Coralie did with these little groups againt the stark white of the wedding tent. She made sure to place a little fun above but let the tables be the focal point for the reception.



For more information about colors please visit our store or ask us a question if you dont see it in our FAQs!

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The Maison POIRAY recently opened a boutique dedicated to brides and grooms. With a boudoir layered in pastel shades it was the perfect– ahem –marriage to our accordion lanterns, paper fans and pom poms in this gorgeous soft palate. Match made in heaven.



For more information about the pieces that made this collection really work, contact us! We would LOVE to create a custom palate for you.


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Thank you to Anne-Laure who’s sharing with us some pictures of her super cute baby Anna’s nursery!

This is a perfect cluster for a baby girl sweet bedroom. Want to do the same ? here’s what you need:

– 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – silver grey

– 1 accordion lantern- 30cm -white

– 1 paper lantern – baby – vintage rose

– 1 paper lantern – baby- grey cumulus

– 1 paper lantern – baby- white

– 1 star lantern vintage rose

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Want a grouping that you can use over and over, no matter the occasion? This group is your best friend. Simple and joyful, its perfect for a wedding, baby shower, summer brunch (yeah we said summer). Even when the sun sets and the tables are lit with candles these colors really set the tone. Trust us, we are obsessed for a good reason.



We used our colors shell pink and vintage rose for the accordion lanterns, grey little house for the lanterns, and white for the eyelet lanterns.

Here we have vintage rose elements, cumulus grey, shell pinks and some lovely whites to round it all out.



Come and get our cute paper lanterns.

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(C) Under the Paper Lantern

(C) Under the Paper Lantern

Oh we cant resist a bad/good pun. Sorry/not sorry. This year we’re celebrating spring a little bit early (wishful thinking). We thought, why not hang some paper lanterns and set a colorful breakfast table for 2? Surprise your little sweeties with this first thing in the morning and they can’t help but have a great day.

To create a similar pastel paper lanterns grouping, we used 4 pieces of fishing line and hung accordion lanterns in sizes 8” and 11.5”, as well as paper lanterns in 14” and 20”, some eyelets.
Our tip: to fix fishing line to the ceiling and use everything you can in the room (ie a hook on your window frame). Or you can also nail little picture hooks at the tops of your walls or self adhesive hooks if you are renting.








You will find all used products in the store !

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deco-2 (C) Marie Préchac

We’re lucky to be featured on this super pretty photo shoot put together by talented Hélène from Les Herbes hautes (florist) and Marie Préchac (photographer) supported by many other artists.


All products are available in our boutique ! 

blog-3 blog-2  mariee blog-1mariee-2 mariee-3

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Welcome to little Marius’ nursery. A simple grouping of lanterns in soft tones of sugar blue, Latte and white. We love how the blue is a nod to Marius, while the neutral colors couple well with the adorable Moose head and the wood on the frames of the prints.

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With the perfect mix of modern lines and fun textures this is how to decorate a birthday party when your interior is already so stylish and full of character. Check out what one of our favorite clients did for her birthday celebration in a beautiful apartment in Stockholm.
She created a paper lantern chandelier and hung it from the ceiling and extended it to stick to the wall, and few paper lanterns, honeycomb balls and accordion paper lanterns simply put on the floor… Stylish, contemporary and best of all, FUN!

Check out our products if you want to create a similar set up !




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