We love this string of color up above for this wedding! To create this look you can string a very fine twine along the center fold of the tent, mix and match color forms that suit your wedding best (remember you can always ask our advice). Each piece has a small hook for paper lanterns or a small string attaching the accordion lantern, honeycomb ball and paper fan. That way its super easy to hang from them from the central twine.


You can even get a bunch of paper fans to hang behind your buffet table or even use it for your photobooth.


Photography by La Boheme Photographie

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Posting white after Labor Day?! What can we say — we are trendsetters. We can not help ourselves with these photos!

A special thanks to Laura for sending these photos in. We love how modern and crisp our white lanterns are against the perfect blue sky. The illusion of a ceiling while still outside, perfection. The contrast of the wood benches and greenery below, clever. LOVE. All the heart eyes. All of them.

These are our basic (and amazing) paper lanterns , the best way to hang them is with fishing line or wire. More info here.

Did you know that you can shop by color or events, like weddings? You didnt know that? Clearly you need to go shopping and get to know us better.

Still have questions? We love them. Email away!

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The Maison POIRAY recently opened a boutique dedicated to brides and grooms. With a boudoir layered in pastel shades it was the perfect– ahem –marriage to our accordion lanterns, paper fans and pom poms in this gorgeous soft palate. Match made in heaven.



For more information about the pieces that made this collection really work, contact us! We would LOVE to create a custom palate for you.


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Want a grouping that you can use over and over, no matter the occasion? This group is your best friend. Simple and joyful, its perfect for a wedding, baby shower, summer brunch (yeah we said summer). Even when the sun sets and the tables are lit with candles these colors really set the tone. Trust us, we are obsessed for a good reason.



We used our colors shell pink and vintage rose for the accordion lanterns, grey little house for the lanterns, and white for the eyelet lanterns.

Here we have vintage rose elements, cumulus grey, shell pinks and some lovely whites to round it all out.



Come and get our cute paper lanterns.

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This is totally our new favorite. Look at all of those lanterns in a big lush row. Tight groups of lanterns, with the perfect mix and match of forms and colors carefully chosen and assembled. Well worth it. We also love the trend of pairing the pop of our curated colors with the stark white and organic wood.



Want this same look? It can be yours, make sure to check it all our wedding paper lanterns in our shop!

Need help? We are more than happy to talk to you! Contact us here, we are nice, pinky swear.

Do not forget our LOVE balloons kit to hang on the wall. These are great for a photobooth, a greeting at the door, so much (LOVE)!

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We love how warm and bright this is! Everything is just perfect! Hey wait–why werent we invited? oxoxx
Congrats (again and again) to the amazing team of Nabie dit Oui for this décor to die for.
Come and get your wedding paper lanterns in our shop !
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